Who knew that a decision to forge our own destiny after being in the unstable corporate world would be so rewarding!  Thanks to all of you, our wonderful, loyal customers and friends, we were successful beyond our dreams!  And, we’re not talking financially, there were times when it was tough to make ends meet!  We are speaking to the friendships and sense of satisfaction that we received from each and every encounter that we’ve had over the last 15 years!   We truly had a ‘Cheers’ atmosphere in our little store!  We grew to know not only you, but many of your family members and have seen you thru your hard times as well!  We’ve watched you conquer the squirrels and medical issues!  We’ve remembered you in our prayers, and there is no doubt that we were included in yours!

No doubt some of you will remember our many mis-steps and learning curves over the years!  You forgave all and continued to support us and our mission!  We felt it was important to be not only a retail establishment in our community, but a member of our community!   You, our loyal and supportive friends allowed us to do just that!  We thank you!  We will miss you all! 


We recall a day when we first started out, our new granddaughter, Ashlynn, was ill, but, our daughter, Angie couldn’t stay home, she needed her income, but even more, we needed her in the store to help take care of our customers.  In she came, with sick baby in arms.  We rang customers while holding our darling Ashlynn.  Our customers were so kind and supportive!  Thank you for your many kind words and gestures over the years!  We won’t forget you!

We’ve been blessed not only to know all of you, but to have a loyal staff that has stayed with us for years, thru all of our ups and downs.  Angie, our daughter, Jen, our adopted daughter, Holly and Julie, what can we say, good people!  We added a young man, Troy, with a lot of potential and drive, during our last  year!  And welcomed a second Pam just before we sold the store!  Many faces have come and gone over the years, but the core has remained!  And… our customers have remained! 


We will miss you all, but we know we have left you in good hands!  We know that Debbie & Kim feel the same way we did!  Help them find their way in our community!  They need you just as much as we did!

We are now in Tennessee enjoying the beautiful mountains and birds, but will return from time to time.  You just may see us in the store shopping for our bird food supplies!


God Bless!

Dan & Pam