Westerville, Ohio

Dan & Pam Hall

Dan & Pam Hall

We’re passionate about birds and nature. That’s why we opened a Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop in our community.

Westerville, Ohio

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We can show you how to turn your yard into a birdfeeding habitat that brings song, color and life to your home.




WBU Dinner Bell™ Feeder

Invite birds to a delicious meal with our Dinner Bell. Fill this versatile feeder with our WBU seed blends, Bark Butter® Bits or mealworms and see how many different birds you can attract. The Dinner Bell's dome raises and lowers, allowing you to feed only the birds you want. The dome also provides birds and food protection from nasty weather. It's easy to fill and clean and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Early Stages of a Bird’s Life

There are numerous ways to help your adult and baby birds throughout nesting season.

Bluebird Eggs

Egg Stage

  • Offer calcium-added foods, such as WBU Plus Blends and WBU Calcium Care™ and PB&J No-melt Suet, to help promote stronger eggs and bones for mother birds and their babies.
  • Use thick-walled nesting boxes (wood: at least ¾" thick; recycled plastic: at least ½" thick) to help protect birds and their eggs from extreme outside temperatures.
Bluebirds Nesting

Nestling Stage

  • Continue to offer calcium-added foods to help supplement or replace the calcium females lose during egg production.
  • Use a predator guard over the nesting box hole to help keep critters from disturbing your nesting birds. Most of our nesting boxes have built-in predator guards.
  • If you pole-mount your nesting box, be sure to place a raccoon baffle just below the box to keep squirrels, raccoons, cats and other animals away.
Bluebird Fledgling

Fledgling Stage

  • Protein is essential for body and feather growth, so offer high-protein foods, such as mealworms, peanuts, Jim's Birdacious® Bark Butter® and Nutty for Nuts™.
  • Create brush piles that provide shelter for fledgling birds.
  • Provide a reliable source of water so fledglings can stay hydrated and keep their young feathers in top-flight condition.


It’s Worth the Risk for Mom

As you read this, millions of birds are on the most hazardous journey of their lives as they migrate north to nest.

Long migrations are deadly for birds. It is estimated that about half of all migrating birds do not survive the annual round trip.

Hummingbird BabiesThe hazards they face include bad weather, predators, exhaustion over water, collisions with towers and buildings, and starvation due to the lack of suitable stopover habitat along the way.

So why take the chance? Why would a bird that has all the necessities of life in the tropics subject itself to all of the dangers of flying north in the first place?

It all has to do with giving their nestlings the best odds for starting their lives.

It’s worth the journey to the northern hemisphere as it has much more land mass than the wintering grounds in the southern hemisphere. Millions of birds have more space in which to spread out and establish larger nesting territories that offer less competition for food and a better chance of avoiding detection by predators.

In addition, as the birds migrate north, the hours of sunlight per day grow longer. This advantage allows birds to make many more feeding trips to their young every day. The young grow faster, leave the nest earlier, thus shortening the dangerous nesting period.

So for mother birds, this dangerous migration has evolved into a risk worth repeating for the good of their young and their species as a whole.

Visit us soon. We have all of the expert advice and quality products that will give the nesting moms in your yard a helping hand that will make the risks of migration even more worthwhile.


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